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Gumball Art

After creating unique product sculptures for major national companies for years, and seeing various company names on his designs, Michael McKie has decided to keep his own name on his creations, forming McKie Designs. A wellspring for fresh, innovative, and imaginative artwork, his current series of gumball designs, the “Mad Dog” line, inspired by his seven year old son Mikey II, has test marketed phenomenally well with over 80 designs to entice the collector and child in us all. Due to his success in winning Nation and World recognition in the field of Professional Fine Arts, these designs were never fully released to the public. Not only can these designs function as a gumball, candy or nut dispenser, but with a slight alteration, they can become a unique series of lamps, in addition to being a unique conversation item. We are currently looking for investors or companies to produce these designs in a fashion that will reach a worldwide clientel.