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Invest in Michael McKie’s innovative, successful sculptures today as a manufacturing partner or business investor to help bring these high-demand pieces to the masses!


Why Become an Investor
Over the years, Michael “Mad Dog” McKie has been a world recognized sculpture, having won a remarkable five National Golden Flame Trophies awarded for excellence in sculpting, as well as a variety of international accolades for ceramic fine art.

His two latest lines, The “Mad Dog” Line of Gumball Machines and “The Fan” Sports Sculpture Line have been in incredibly high demand by collectors across the United States.

In addition to his awards, Michael’s reputation as one of the country’s finest ceramic artists made him a TV personality, allowing him to display his skills and artwork to a wide audience. This exposure led celebrities including Muhammad Ali, Burt Reynolds and Evel Knievel become collectors of his work, as well as Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and other reputable art galleries showcasing his designs.

Now, Michael wants to build off the combination of his previous success and his innovative new product lines to be able to scale the production of his work to meet the amazingly high demand.

By becoming an investor, you can become a part of a fast-growing business that is rapidly becoming collectible, has no major competition and offers an exception Return on Investment due to high margins.

The Market

Michael’s experience in the commercial art industry has led him to complete market research, in which he was able to select only the highest performing products to include in his lines.

By attending nationwide art shows, exhibits and selling to local collectors, he was able to understand exactly what the market demand is, then tailor his creations to his audience. Not only does this keep the cost of manufacturing low by only producing sculptures that sell, it also keeps a personal feel for everything that he offers.

For “The Fan” line of products, Michael has found a niche in the sports collectible world. While almost all sports collectibles focus on the players, his unique concept to highlight the fans of sports has led to his sculptures being in extraordinary high demand.

With just one sculpture of “The Fan” line, Michael is able to create multiple lines for various teams and all major sports in the United States. With the sports collectibles market valued at $370 Billion worldwide, this is a lucrative investment opportunity.

Investment Opportunities

In order to scale the production of both the “Mad Dog” Line of Gumball Machines and “The Fan” Line of sports collectibles, Michael is looking for investors that are able to:

Offer a Manufacturing Partnership

This opportunity includes an existing manufacturing company that is able to manage the manufacturing of both lines of sculptures for large-scale production.

Offer a Business Partnership

This opportunity includes an experienced business team that understand how to create a full business surrounding the goods, then produce and manage sales of the products.

Additionally, if you are interested in investing in McKie Designs in any other form, we are open to alternative offers from venture capitalists, experienced business production companies and anybody else that believes they can contribute to the growing success of the business.

If you are ready to help bring Michael’s gift to the world while receiving a strong ROI, then please contact us today!