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About Michael C. McKie…

Michael C. McKie, designer, has been sculpting since 1967. His career started in grammar school when Walt Disney visited his classroom and singled out his drawing as ‘extremely good’. Entirely self-taught and without formal art training, he is a five time winner of the renowned National Golden Flame Trophy (each time competing against more than 3,500 entries) in the Professional Sculptor Fine Arts Competition sponsored by the National Ceramic Association.

The Golden Flame award is special because it is not awarded yearly, but only when the judges feel like a sculptor displays such a unique and excellent piece. He is also a two time World Winner in Ceramic Fine Art and those treasured pieces have been appraised as priceless. Michael C. McKie’s works have been displayed in various act galleries, including Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, Derbershire in Palm Desert, and others. His sculps are owned my Muhammed Ali (Manilla Gorilla), Terry Bradshaw (Steeler’s quarterback), Evel Keneivel, Burt Reynolds, and other famous personalities. Michael C. McKie has made guest appearances on nationwide television and hosted his own show for five years in cable TV in a series demonstrating sculpting techniques.”


As a two time first place winner of World Ceramic Professional Fine Art Competition, Michael is noted as the only sculptor in the world to have mastered the techniques of sculpting fully rigged sailing ships from clay and firing them into ceramic.


Michael is also the winner of five, annual consecutive, first place Golden Flame Awards, from the National Professional Sculptors Fine Arts Competition, sponsored by National Ceramic Association.


In the 35 years of history of the competition, Michael remains the first and only sculptor to win the Golden Flame Award five times, consecutively, and such an honor is expected to remain undefeated.